Hydraulic Air Riveter

Hydraulic Air Riveter


Professional Air Riveter


The PATTA PAR-02 Hydraulic Air Riveter is designed to place blind rivets at high speed making it ideal for batch or flow-line assembly in a variety of applications throughout all industries. The tool features a vacuum system for blind rivets retention and trouble free collection of the spent mandrels regardless of tool orientation.

Care Instructions


  • It is recommended to use Rivets manufactured by PATTA or rivets that comply with international standards.
  • After using for long periods, metal debris will build up inside the nose piece, so please clean regularly to avoid operational problems.
  • Please maintain and re-fuel oil fluid periodically.
  • the applicable air pressure for the air riveter is 5-7kg.




Operation of Air Riveter


Insert rivet into riveter


Pull the trigger using the pneumatic force to cut off the mandrel


Mandrel left in the stem collector






PAR-02 Air Riveter
02m 04s
Technical Specification

Air Riveter PAR-02


Tool Specification

Attributes PAR-02
Stroke (max) 17mm
Pull Force (@5.5kgf) 9.34kn/953kgf
Weight 2.1kg
Cycle Time 0.8s
Air Pressure (min-max) 5-7kgf
Air Consumption (@5.5kgf) 2.1L
Noise 75dB(A)
Vibration 2.5m/s2
Supported Rivets
    4.0mm 4.8mm
Aluminium / Steel
Stainless Steel / Steel
Stainless Steel


Download Available
Air Riveter PAR-02 Operation Manual PDF 12.9 Mb  

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