Structural Bulb Tite Blind Rivet

Structural Bulb Tite Blind Rivet


For Curved or Uneven Surfaces


Structural Bulb Tite Blind Rivets are high strength rivets that are both vibration and weather proof through their fitted neoprene washer. Ideal for curved or uneven surfaces.

  • Construction
  • Domestic application
Materials & Setting


  • Aluminium Alloy



SB Blind Rivet
00m 23s
Technical Specification

SB Structural Bulb Tite Blind Rivet




Available Sizes

Diameter (D) Length (L) Grip Range
7.7mm (5/16")
Ø 7.8~8.2 (.31~.32)
27.7mm (1-3/32") 1.1 ~ 9.5 (0.04 ~ 0.37")
34.0mm (1-5/16") 6.35 ~ 15.87 (0.25 ~ 0.62")

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